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For BioNTech a milestone project; for Cadolto Datacenter (CDC) also a matter close to our hearts

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BioNTech is rolling out manufacturing plants worldwide for the production of mNRNA based vaccines, and these plants also require modular data centres. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH (CDC) is supplying the first highly efficient modular data centre to BioNTech for the new production facility in Kigali, Rwanda. This is the first project of the global roll-out; further projects are to follow. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH’s modular data centre controls and manages all the data of the mRNA vaccine production plant on site with absolute reliability, providing a fast and dependable high-quality solution that also meets the highest standards with regard to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Managing Director Thorsten Grosse of CDC explains: “Developing and implementing this ambitious project for BioNTech in the shortest possible time and ensuring the highest level of quality and efficiency was a matter very close to our hearts, because such projects are very much in line with our company’s DNA.

Our multifaceted and integrative expertise from the areas of industrial building production, IT/electrical engineering and the healthcare sector, which is where our shareholders have their roots, was particularly well suited to this project and allowed us to quickly get everything “on the road”, so to speak.

BioNTech will be setting up sustainable production facilities for mRNA based medicines and vaccines on all continents. Working closely with its project partner Siemens AG, CDC has developed and manufactured a completely prefabricated and pre-installed product. One of the main reasons that CDC were able to win this extensive contract was the fact that CDC’s modular data centre, which was developed in-house, can be delivered as an “IT-ready” package to various locations across the globe. Commissioning takes place in advance at CDC’s premises in Germany. This reduces the costs and effort required for installation and commissioning on site to a bare minimum. A CDC Space® data centre module has an area of around 30 m² and weighs about 30 tonnes. It can be expanded at short notice, as required, by adding further modules. The product is manufactured and assembled in Germany.

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