Reduce costs with data centre containers
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Cut costs with a data centre container


Building and operating a traditional data centre can be very costly because resources are often not used efficiently. However, compared to a traditional construction, a data centre container can reduce costs because it can be more easily adapted to your needs.

This blog post offers you an overview of where costs can be reduced through a data centre container. We will outline the money pits that can be avoided with a modular solution.

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The cost of conventional data centres

Operating a conventional data centre often involves high costs. These costs arise from various sources. Firstly, there is the considerable cost that goes into constructing a new building. A traditional data centre has to be built, and that requires time and financial resources. The costs for maintenance and servicing during ongoing operation are also not exactly low.

Power consumption has to be taken into account, too. Traditional data centres consume a significant amount of electricity for running equipment and for cooling. Scalability also poses a challenge.

The physical size and capacity of a conventional data centre are predetermined. High expenses are incurred when expanding. Unused resources within the building also add to the costs because they also consume energy.

It’s not just the construction of a conventional data centre that can result in significant expense. In contrast to data centre containers, expansions or conversions can also entail considerable costs. Construction projects are often prone to delays, and any delay will make the data centre more expensive.


Running a conventional data centre is expensive due to various factors that include construction costs, maintenance, and power consumption.

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Modular data centre as a solution

The good news is that there is a solution to the above cost issues: a modular data centre. Cadolto Datacenter specialises in manufacturing low-cost data centre containers for our customers while simultaneously offering very high quality.

Modular data centres are a revolutionary solution that can significantly reduce the cost of data centre construction. By using pre-built modules, modular data centres can be deployed much more quickly than conventional data centres.

Expert tip:

The modular design also enables incremental expansion of the data centre, meaning capacity can be increased as needed without having to undertake expensive, time-consuming construction work. Easy scalability is another reason why data centre containers can massively reduce costs. Containers are also not necessarily tied to one location – they can be used as a mobile data centre.

The cost efficiency of our modules is further boosted by the lower energy requirements compared to conventional data centres. Our data centre solutions achieve a PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.25 to 1.05, depending upon operating conditions.


Modular data centre containers offer an effective solution to reducing the costs of operating and expanding a data centre. They can be implemented more quickly, are more flexibly scalable and significantly more energy efficient.

More ways to reduce costs with Cadolto Datacenter

In addition to our data centre containers, Cadolto Datacenter also offers the CDC CAPEX rental model. We invest in your energy-efficient data centre of the future, so that you benefit from the advantages of our high-end data centres without having to make large investments.

Our rental model combines attractive operating costs with the energy efficiency of our data centres. Simply provide us with your parameters and we will calculate your cost advantage from this combination – you will be pleasantly surprised!

We also deploy modern, environment-friendly cooling systems to reduce costs for data centre containers while contributing to sustainability. Our solutions use indirect, free adiabatic cooling or direct free cooling with supportive EC compressor cooling from leading manufacturers.

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The CO2 emissions and operating costs of our data centre containers can be significantly reduced through the use of modern cooling technologies. This also helps reduce data centre container costs.

We use outside air that is passed through patented, specially developed air-to-air cross-flow heat exchangers. This technology ensures rooms are kept cool without harmful substances and heat from outside infiltrating. The resulting low operating costs and environment-friendly operation of our data centres are a plus for the operators and the environment.


Cadolto Datacenter offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to further reduce their data centre container costs. Through innovative cooling and attractive rental models such as CDC CAPEX, we offer sustainable, cost-efficient solutions for operating data centres.

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