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A pioneering spirit at the heart of what we do, a penchant for speed and a pronounced passion for simplifying technically challenging solutions. We are not limited by traditional conventions, as we know that progress demands courage. This is part of our DNA and our obligation to do our best. Through our products, we have taken the ambitions in data centre construction to the top level.

Cadolto Datacenter. High performance in one system.

Admittedly, we pride ourselves on being the benchmark. We have constructed more data centres using a modular construction system than anyone else. And we were the first to combine the advantages of industrial building prefabrication with our modular construction system to create trend-setting data centres. Revolutionary and uncompromising – from the pioneers of industrial building prefabrication.

Co-location providers, banks, industry as well as IT, pharmaceutical, consulting and telecommunications companies place their trust in us, bringing an overall project volume of around 30 million euros in just two years. Why?

Faster than the competition
More than twice as fast as conventional construction techniques. Thanks to prefabrication to healthcare standards with best-practice components.

Excellent expandability
Not previously possible: Only pay for the space that is actually needed. Can be modularly extended during ongoing operation.
Benchmark in energy efficiency
Significantly reduce operating costs with high-end air conditioning technology. Immediately. Benefit from the lowest energy costs and high energy efficiency of our data centres. And all this Capex optimised, and for rent.
Well thought out floor plans
Benefit from our 20 years of co-locating experience – with floor plans and massing that make daily working life so much better.

We continue to write the success story of modular data centers.

Benchmark for simplified construction – since 2016, also for modular data centres. A success story that began in 1890 and reached its first peak soon afterwards with the construction trailer. And later led to our current position as the world market leader in modular buildings for the healthcare sector.

2016 marked the start of Cadolto Datacenter GmbH, a joint venture between Cadolto GmbH and IT entrepreneurs Thorsten Grosse and Wolfgang Kaufmann. In the same year, we installed the world’s first modular data centre in North Rhine-Westphalia, which was expanded during ongoing operation in 2018. An industry sensation that was awarded the German Data Centre Award 2017.

Since 2020, we have been boosted by support from Grinbold, Dischingen, a proven specialist for serial room systems.

And what about tomorrow?

Thanks to our extensive know-how and high-performance network, we offer fast and tailored solutions. Through our “DNA” and a broad network of planners, suppliers, users, operators and service providers, we are able to develop holistic data centre projects. We understand the mission and goals of our business partners, providing them with the advice they need.

We firmly believe that the future belongs to pioneering solutions. In doing so, we remain fully committed to our core values and the characteristics inscribed in our DNA as pioneers of modular construction. This is one thing we will never change. Everything else gets questioned every day.

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Cadolto Rechenzentrum Modell aus Vogelperspektive

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