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New: CDC Capex Your data center for rent.

We invest in your energy-efficient data centre of the future: Start today with CDC CAPEX and benefit tomorrow from all the advantages of our high-end data centres. Thanks to our rental model, you do not even have to invest, as we take care of all that for you. For us CAPEX, for you unrivalled OPEX costs: Tell us your parameters and we will tell you how much you can save by combining our rental model and energy efficiency. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Simply rent what you need. At excellent conditions*
Maximum flexibility without capital commitment
Minimum energy costs with maximum energy efficiency
If necessary extendible during ongoing operation

Safe. Aesthetic.
Highly efficient.
That's what our customers rely on.

Since we all have different dreams and aspirations: We simply focus on one thing.
The individual requirements of our customers.
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It might sound like we are repeating ourselves:But conventional construction is yesterday. Conventional air-conditioning systems, too. The indirect free adiabatic cooling provided by CDC data centres is an effective solution with regard to the current debate on climate and resource-efficient data centre operation – and strikes a chord with operators due to their unrivalled low energy consumption and a PUE value that is typically below 1.05*.

Did you know that each Google user could power a 60 W light bulb for three hours through their monthly search activities alone? The energy consumption of data centres is considerable. It is time to invest in the future. With data centres designed for optimum energy efficiency, from Cadolto Datacenter GmbH.

The climate revolution for data centers with unrivaled low energy consumption

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To ensure it operates smoothly and lasts for many years to come, the "green" cooling system works with all outside temperatures. A constant temperature of the incoming air guarantees a well-regulated climate in both summer and winter. Quite innovative, this data centre of the future.

Our data centres are supplied with indirect free adiabatic cooling or direct free cooling with supporting EC compressor cooling from market leading manufacturers. On the one hand, this means that the CO2 emissions of our data centres are significantly lower than those of our competitors and, on the other hand, it naturally also results in significantly lower operating costs.

The system uses ambient air that is passed through specially designed and patented air-to-air cross-flow heat exchangers. The air cools the rooms indirectly without actually penetrating the building. Smoke, chemical impurities, dust and aerosols remain outside – just like the heat. Our system works so effectively and efficiently that not only your controller will be pleased about the low operating costs. Resource-saving Green Cooling based on the adiabatic evaporation principle is also good for the environment.

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Technical data

Construction method
Delivery period (incl. installations)
Energy efficiency
Rack installation depth
Rack heights
Aisle width
Monthly rent
✓ Max. 4 Months
✓ 1,2 PUE
✓ 1,2 m
✓ 46 HE
✓ 1,0 - 1,2 m
✓ Extendible
✓ Good quality
From 100 EUR K*
From 1.5 EUR K
✓ Min. 4 Months
✓ 1,2 PUE
✓ 1,2 m
✓ up to 62 HE
✓ 1,0 - 1,2 m
✓ Extendible
✓ High quality
From 220 EUR K
From 4 EUR K
✓ Min. 6 Months
✓ 1,2 PUE
✓ Individual
✓ Individual
✓ Individual
✓ Individual
✓ Benchmark
From approx. 500 EUR K
From approx. 10 EUR K
Rental Financing Model