Basics of data centre infrastructure – what you need to know!
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What does a good data centre infrastructure consist of?

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In today’s fast-paced business world, data is the new gold. Data centres, which form the foundation of the digital infrastructure, are crucial for storing, processing and delivering this valuable resource. However, the complexity of an effective data centre infrastructure can be challenging for entrepreneurs without in-depth knowledge of this area.

The right data centre infrastructure has to meet the current needs of your company and take future growth and technological advances into account. This makes choosing the right infrastructure crucial to the long-term success of a business.

Cadolto Datacenter specialises in the production of modular data centre solutions that come with all the necessary technologies for smooth operation. In this blog post, we outline the essential components of a well-functioning data centre infrastructure.

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Basics of data centre infrastructure

A data centre infrastructure includes all the physical and virtual components required to run a data centre effectively. The IT equipment includes servers, storage systems, network components and the building infrastructure required for operation. Business owners must thoroughly understand these fundamentals in order to make informed decisions about their IT strategy.

The basic components of a robust data centre infrastructure include:

Hardware: IT hardware includes servers for processing and storing information. This also includes network devices such as routers and switches that ensure communication within the data centre and with the outside world.

Software: this includes application and operating system software that runs on the hardware. Each item of software undertakes specific tasks.

Power supply and cooling: no data centre can function without a power supply. If the public power grid fails, it should have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) so that it can continue to power itself in an emergency. The cooling system must also be efficient so that electrical energy is saved, but the hardware can still work efficiently and reliably with the help of cold air or coolants.

Security system: physical security measures and network security are used to protect data and hardware from unauthorised access and other threats.

Expert tip:

Always consider your company’s individual requirements when selecting hardware and software. Do not only think about current performance requirements, but also calculate future demand and the necessary scalability.


A robust data centre infrastructure requires carefully selected hardware and software, a reliable power supply and effective cooling measures. Security systems protect against physical and virtual attacks.

Important features for operating a data centre infrastructure

A well-functioning data centre infrastructure must include several vital features that enable it to meet the needs of modern business operations. These features include scalability, reliability and energy efficiency. Each of these factors are essential for smooth, efficient operation.

Scalability: you must be able to adapt the capacity and performance of the data centre infrastructure in line with the growth of the company. This includes physical expansion and resource scaling within existing systems. Data centre infrastructures that are too large entail high, unnecessary costs; ones that are too small disrupt IT processes and slow down business.

Reliability and accessibility: a robust data centre should guarantee high uptime and minimal downtime so that business processes can be continuously carried out.

Energy efficiency: rising energy costs and increasing environmental regulations mean that making data centres energy efficient is vital. This is the only way to reduce operating costs while sustainably reducing the impact on the environment.


A high-performance network infrastructure is characterised by scalability, reliability and energy efficiency. These elements are vital to the performance and success of the data centre.

All components in one location: modules from Cadolto Datacenter

Cadolto Datacenter’s modular data centre infrastructure is an innovative solution designed to meet the challenges and requirements of modern businesses. The modular solution offers many advantages compared to the building of conventional data centres, including flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

Cadolto Datacenter’s concept involves using pre-built modules that contain all the necessary components for running your own data centre. These modules can be combined and expanded as needed, enabling quick, flexible adaptation to changing requirements.

The advantages of the modular design are:

Speed: as the modules come prefabricated and are installed on site, the modular design enables significantly faster deployment than conventional data centres.

Scalability: the data centre can be easily expanded by adding additional modules. Ongoing operations do not have to be disrupted or even interrupted to install new modules.

Efficiency: customers benefit from high energy efficiency and reduced operating costs by using optimised modules. Cadolto modules have an excellent PUE rating of 1.2.

Best-practice components: Cadolto Datacenter only uses high-quality components that have proven themselves in practice and ensure high reliability.


Cadolto Datacenter’s modular data centre infrastructure offers a flexible, scalable and efficient solution for companies in need of a future-proof IT infrastructure. The modular design enables companies to expand their data centre infrastructure as required in order to react quickly to changes.

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Are you looking for a suitable solution? Inquire now about a high-tech modular construction

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