1st Siemens Data Center Partner ConferenceVienna, November 2023 - CDC
Willkommen in Wien Siemens Data Center Conference Karten

1st Siemens Data Center Partner Conference
Vienna, November 2023

Cadolto Datacenter

It was a pleasure to be part of the international Siemens Data Center Partner Conference in Vienna.

In an appealing atmosphere, we were able to further deepen our cross-portfolio and cross-regional cooperation between Cadolto Datacenter and our partner Siemens AG and its data center teams from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific region over several days. The topic of edge data centers was particularly important to us:

Why do Cadolto Datacenter’s products offer an optimal answer to all the challenges of the market in terms of edge data centers? How do we at Cadolto Datacenter, as pioneers in this segment, deal with the strong growth and increasing demand? How can our partners provide Cadolto Datacenter with even better support to further increase the sustainability of Cadolto Datacenter products?

Get an impression for yourself:

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