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Digitisation of processes and decentralised work, also in the area of professional ethics: The demand for IT capacities is also increasing exponentially in the area of professional ethics. Data centre capacities must be expanded in the short term and, due to rising energy costs, must also overcome significantly higher hurdles in terms of energy efficiency, security and redundancy than in the past.

A leading commercial law firm in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg – Fürth – Erlangen needs a new, fully operational, state-of-the-art data centre as a replacement investment in less than half a year and thus at very short notice. Cadolto Datacenter (“CDC”) has the perfect solution for this:

The serial building production of CDC products makes it possible: the CDC microprime® product is used. This is a modular construction kit of data centre modules that can be flexibly expanded by modules as needed during operation:

Order placement: beginning of October 2021
Commissioning: beginning of April 2022
Product: CDC microprime®. Modules mp4-A + D. Delivery “IT-ready”.

This data centre solution not only offers enough space for the required state-of-the-art IT hardware; it is above all optimised for comfortable operation of the data centre with corresponding corridor widths and handling areas, and in this way also distinguishes itself positively from the competition, in addition to the high energy efficiency and the interaction of the selectable data centre equipment / components.

On an area of initially around 30 m², 4 racks are operated in this first expansion stage. If required, an expansion with CDC-microprime® modules is possible at any time, even during ongoing operation.

The data centre, consisting of CDC microprime® mp4-A + D products, operates with maximum energy efficiency: two 15 kW direct free coolers with DX compressor support and temperature-independent recirculated air operation cool the IT hardware as energy-efficiently as possible, even under full-load operation, in conjunction with the building cubature designed for this purpose. With this, and the fire protection measures, protection against break-ins and uncontrolled access, the data centre is state of the art.

Cadolto Datacenter GmbH, based in Fürth, Germany, thus offers the customer the optimum solution for today’s needs in the shortest possible time – and covers future developments and needs that cannot be predicted today at the same time, thanks to the scalability of the CDC product CDC microprime ® as a modular system. A real investment in the future.

Cadolto Datacenter Ansicht von außen
Cadolto Datacenter Teile werden per Kran bewegt
Cadolto Datacenter im Bau
Cadolto Datacenter von innen
Cadolto Datacenter wird per Kran neben eine Firma gestellt.

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