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Rent a data centre

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Renting a data centre instead of buying can be a suitable option for your company to expand your computing capacities. With "CDC CAPEX® - We invest in your data centre", Cadolto Datacenter GmbH ("CDC") offers you the right product. But when does it make sense for you to rent your own data centre instead of buying or building it yourself? We will show you why CDC CAPEX® is always an option for you to optimally expand your performance potential.

Respond promptly to corporate growth

Company growth today is associated with an increasing demand for server capacity. If the order situation develops strongly positive, it may even be that YOU expand your data centre with new capacities at very short notice & dies become a bottleneck for the company as a whole.

CDC offers the perfect solution with the modular design of the products CDC Microprime® , CDC Microspace® and CDC Space®. CDC’s modular design allows YOU to tailor your server capacity to your exact current needs – without allocating anything for the future.

This is because CDC’s solutions can be expanded at any time, if necessary, even during operation. The construction of a new large building with (still) unused space is thus no longer necessary.

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Rent a data centre

Especially when your company is growing at an accelerated pace, the use of resources in other business areas can confidently take priority. But insufficient computing power can also have a negative impact on your company’s growth.

Insufficient storage capacity, network overload or slowing down of processes can be the result. This can cost your company dearly, so you should never neglect your IT infrastructure.

But how should you react if the budget for investments is lacking? CDC offers the optimal solution with CDC CAPEX® and possibly the investment for you: How about renting a data centre ?

Renting a data centre does not involve any investment costs . You do not have to pay for the complete expansion of your data centre.

CDC takes over the costs of the expansion of your data centre for you. Depending on the product, you can choose the most efficient option for renting a data centre:

  • CDC Microprime®: from 1,500 euros/month
  • CDC Microspace®: from 4,000 euros/month
  • CDC Space®: from 10,000 euros/month

We will be happy to advise you on which solution with which equipment is the most efficient for your company – also with regard to future performance requirements.

Energy-efficient, safe and technically advanced

With other products from CDC you have the advantage of high energy efficiency: Efficiency value
of < 1.2 PUE depending on system, operation and load.

The operation of your infrastructure thus becomes significantly cheaper than, for example, a short-term solution in the form of an ISO/oversea container
(>2 PUE). Here, too, you can save money.

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State-of-the-art technology is also used in CDC’s modules. Adiabatic cooling is not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly. Of course, other air-conditioning techniques with the best efficiency are also available as standard options. Security and fire protection are also of the highest standard. When it comes to IT equipment, we only work with leading manufacturers.

All CDC products are certified by TÜV according to the DIN EN 50600 standard. Redundancy classes of N, N+1 or 2N are also implemented.

When you rent the data centre, you are technically up to date without having to invest yourself. If new technologies are on the market, there is no longer any need to rent this data centre ; you simply rent a new one; the exchange is plug & play or ask for the option of a purchase .

Due to the modular design, the expansion can be carried out during the ongoing operation of your data centre. Your server performance and operations are not affected. On-site expansion is completed within a few days.

Get advice from us

When you rent a CDC Datacenter, there are a number of advantages for you. Especially if your business is growing rapidly and you need resources for other business areas. CDC offers you the perfect option to respond to the need for new IT infrastructure by offering you the option to rent a data centre.

Send an enquiry to CDC’s contacts today. We’ll show you why renting a data centre is the right option for you.

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What is a data centre?
A data centre is a location that provides configured hardware for businesses. It enables applications such as storage, network connectivity, web hosting and cloud computing. It provides security, redundancy and scalability for IT applications and systems.
How is a data centre structured?
Racks with servers, computers and network equipment are typically part of a data centre setup. An uninterruptible power supply, air-conditioning and security equipment as well as a firewall, routers and switches are further components.
What is the difference between a data centre and a processing centre?
The difference between a data centre and a processing centre is that a data centre usually has a physical infrastructure. A data centre is primarily focused on providing IT computing resources.

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