Renting servers in a data centre: learn the benefits!
Renting servers in a data centre: learn the benefits!

Data and its secure, efficient processing are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world of business. There are numerous advantages for businesses that are pondering the rental of a server in a data centre. It is a particular important decision due to the advanced technologies and growing requirements for security, availability and data processing.

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Data centre operators also need to adapt their capacity to growing demand. Cadolto Datacenter (CDC) is an innovative partner for both tenants and businesses looking to rent out data centre space, with its modular data centre solutions.

Businesses can benefit from high availability, secure and scalable infrastructure when they rent servers in a data centre without needing to incur the high levels of investment cost and maintenance expenditure associated with a data centre of their own. Cadolto modular data centre solutions provide data centre operators with an effective means of growing flexibly and sustainably to adapt their capacity to increasing customer requirements.

In this article we explain the benefits of renting servers in a data centre and show how data centre operators can benefit from collaborating with Cadolto with regard to modular expansion options.

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Renting servers in a data centre: the benefit

 1. Cost efficiency

For many businesses, renting servers in a data centre can be a more cost-effective alternative to operating their own data centre. The costs of building and maintaining an in-house data centre can be huge. They include not only costs of hardware and software but also infrastructure costs such as energy, ventilation and security.

Renting servers in a data centre allows businesses to benefit from the economies of scale available to professional data centre operators thanks to their size. These savings are frequently passed on to customers, leading to lower operating costs.

Expert tip:

Compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running your own data centre with the cost of renting server capacity. You need to include all of the hidden costs to ensure you make an accurate decision.

 2. Scalability and adaptability

A further significant advantages for businesses that rent servers in a data centre is the ease of scaling the capacity they use. To achieve this, the IT infrastructure must be able to adapt to fast-moving business conditions. Businesses can scale their IT resources flexibly by renting servers in the data centre without needing to invest in additional hardware. Here are the benefits of this flexibility for organisations renting IT servers:

  • Outsourcing gives businesses the option to expand or reduce their server capacities according to demand.
  • Many IT capacity providers offer flexible contract-based models that enable businesses to respond to changes in their environment at short notice.

3. Reliability and guarantee

Professional data centres make significant investment in extensive security measures that ensure that their customers’ data is protected when they rent servers in the data centre. These include physical security measures such as access controls and surveillance, as well as technical safety measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Other security features include:

  • Redundant systems: Professional data centres have redundant power supplies and network connectivity to guarantee high availability.
  • Regular security audits: Professional data centres submit to regular security audits and obtain certifications such as ISO 27001 to provide a guarantee that the data they host is protected.

4. Technology benefits

Renting servers in a data centre provides businesses with access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. Data centre operators regularly update their equipment and services to remain competitive and live up to their customers’ expectations. The operators of certified data centre maintain a specialist technical workforce that constantly monitors and maintains the infrastructure.

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Challenges for data centre operators and CDC’s solutions

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1. Capacity bottlenecks in the face of rising demand

Data centre operators need to adapt their capacity to growing requirements of the market. Digitalisation in almost all sectors is leading to exponential data traffic and rising demand for computing power. 

Traditional data centres often hit their capacity limits, both physically and technologically, when increasing numbers of businesses want to rent servers in their data centres. Capacity bottlenecks can impair quality of service and create an obstacle to growth. Frequently encountered problems include:

  • Physical limits on space: Fixed building structures have only limited options for extension.
  • Technology barriers: It can be difficult and expensive to integrate new technologies into existing systems.

Energy efficiency: Disproportionate addition of capacities leads to an increase in energy requirements, resulting in higher operating costs and a larger environmental footprint.

2. The solution: modular data centres

The modular data centres from Cadolto Datacenter offer an innovative solution for this fast-moving environment, when increasing numbers of businesses want to rent servers in a data centre. Our prefabricated, scalable modules can be erected quickly and flexibly to overcome capacity bottlenecks and support growth. Modular data centres allow existing capacities to be expanded easily without blocking ongoing operations.

  • Fast provisioning Modular units can be installed and up and running very quickly.
  • Flexibility The individual modules can be customised and reconfigured or expanded as needed.
  • Cost efficiency: Cost savings can be made thanks to the scalability of the modules and prefabrication with all necessary technologies.

Data centre operators should take account of long-term scalability and flexibility when developing their expansion plans. Modular data centres are a safe solution since they can adapt to the business’s needs and are future-proof.

3. Benefits of modular data centres

CDC’s modular data centres are a solution to physical growth and to technology advances and energy efficiency. These innovative solutions will reduce operating costs and the environmental impact.

  • Energy efficiency: Modular data centres use state-of-the-art technology and architectures to cut energy consumption.
  • Sustainable: The modular building techniques cut down the use of materials and allow a more eco-friendly construction.
  • Technological innovation: Modular data centres can be integrated with the latest IT and network technologies.
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Profit from modular data centres

It is advisable to find out more about modular data centre solutions from Cadolto Datacenter. This applies both to businesses that want to rent servers in a data centre and to data centre operators who are looking to expand capacity.

CDC’s modular data centres not only provide a solution to current challenges, they also represent a safe bet for the future in a fast-moving digital world.

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