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Building a server room

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Building a server room: What you need to consider

Smooth IT operation can only be guaranteed if the construction of the server room has been implemented in a qualified manner. Many factors must be taken into account. Performance capacity, security and maintenance are core properties for maintaining your own data center. The experts at Cadolto Datacenter GmbH (CDC) would like to provide you with an overview of the requirements so that you too can optimally set up your server room. We will show you what you need to consider when setting up a server room.

Adapt size to performance requirements

Already when planning your own data center, the performance requirements for the computing capacities play the central role. When you build your server room, you should keep in mind how many racks with which performance you will use in it.

Unused computing capacity or space represents a high cost factor. Energy requirements are higher and maintenance costs, such as for air conditioning, increase – regardless of avoidable investment costs. If capacities are too low, this can also result in avoidable costs. Internal as well as external communication and business processes can be slowed down – not only for medium-sized companies or larger .

The modular design of CDC products offers you the right solution to optimally build your server room . CDC’s high-tech buildings allow you to adapt the computing capacity of your data center to your company’s own needs. As soon as new capacities are needed, the modules can be expanded within a very short time. You always invest purposefully in the future.

Use surface constructively

As in other business areas, unused space causes unnecessary additional costs. The same applies to an even greater extent to your own data center. However, when it comes to the data center, you should not overuse the space. Too much IT technology can be dangerous not only for operations, but also for stored data. Our experts will show you how to optimally build and equip your server room.

When you build the server room , you must remember that the IT technology free spaces are also needed. The handling in everyday life is of practical importance. In addition, such computer hardware will generate a lot of heat during operation. A good air conditioning system cannot work efficiently if it requires a lot of pressure due to too much IT hardware, because there is no space for cooling.

The size of the server room should be matched to the amount of computer hardware being used. With CDC’s products, you can build the server room and ensure an optimal area with always optimal energy efficiency for the number of racks. The size of the module, the capacities and the technical equipment are perfectly matched. CDC allows you to operate in an energy-efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly way.

For maintenance and daily operation, the width of the aisles between the racks plays an important role. These should not be neglected when building your server room . CDC’s modules offer aisle widths of 1.2 meters and more if desired – more than double that of an overseas container solution that is at a distinct disadvantage.

The installation size of the rack depths of CDC products is 1.2 meters. With CDC microprime, rack heights of 46 U are possible. Cadolto Microspace even offers rack heights of up to 62 U . The perfect match between module size, technical equipment and an indirect free adiabatic cooling system enables energy efficiency of 1.2 PE, depending on the system and load.

Guarantee safety

When you build a server room , security is one of the core factors you need to consider. This includes not only protective measures against break-ins and access restrictions. Fire protection is central to ensuring the safe operation of your data center.

Prevention of fires effectively

IT technology is the lifeblood of any company. Therefore, the reasonable IT technology is protected from the fire from the outside that no fire penetrates inside. You should make sure that air conditioning with fire dampers is provided when you set up your server room and put it into operation. Even a smoke or fire alarm system cannot prevent a fire. But hardly any data centers are operated today without central monitoring.

Very few fires start in the server room. Reasons for this must inevitably be due to overloaded hardware or inadequate cooling. Dust buildup from neglected cleaning or improper maintenance are automatic reasons why racks can catch fire. A server room is not a case of a place to be used as storage for flammable items.

With CDC, you can build your server room secured without having to equip it with an automated extinguishing system. In case of fire, worse consequences can be avoided. The gas extinguishing systems themselves do not damage the IT either.

Expert Tip:

It is advisable to have the employees responsible for the data center undergo specific training in the event of a fire. Minimizing property damage while absolutely avoiding personal injury is a top priority. Today, the activity of looking after the server room goes far beyond the scope of duties. It is about comprehensive hazard prevention, from fire and hacker attack to energy efficiency and security of supply.

Protection against access by unauthorized persons

In order to effectively combat physical, unauthorized access to data, you not only need adequate intrusion protection or intact monitoring. As soon as you set up the server room, you also need to consider how the cable routes will be laid. If cable routes are not sufficiently protected, the server room may not even need to be entered to tap or manipulate data.

When setting up the server room, you should also consider where you set up your server and backup storage. It makes sense – depending on the size of your business – to at least not keep redundant structures like servers and backups in the same building. If a failure occurs, the data is still safe. An even better idea is to keep servers and backups in separate fire protection areas or better in remote locations with a different risk structure.

The CDC modules can be used to set up fire protection areas as divided server rooms or to represent different data centers in locations at once. In this way, data continues to be safe even in the event of significant impacts at one location. More and more companies are taking advantage of this in the recent past, since the danger situation has unfortunately also changed in Germany.

Build server room with CDC

Based on the products of CDC you can build your server room optimally . The performance capacity corresponds to the demand, cost and energy efficiency are guaranteed with maximum security standards.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our CDC experts. We will help you individually to find the best solution for your project.

Question and Answer

How is a server room constructed?
Inside a server room are several racks that contain servers, backups and other technology. The IT technology inside the racks can generate a lot of heat during use. A server room must therefore be equipped with a powerful as well as redundant air conditioning and power supply.
What's all in a server room?
The server room houses a large part of a company's data. Racks must be adequately cooled with powerful air conditioning. Fire protection equipment and devices against break-ins are in place.
What can be stored in a server room?
The server room provides the basis for a company's IT infrastructure and does not serve as a warehouse. Due to the utilization of the server racks, heat is generated. Flammable materials as well as water in any form are therefore an avoidable source of danger.