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What is required to ensure data centre security?


In today’s digitalised world, data centre security is critical for all businesses. As dependence on digital data and cloud computing grows, data centres are becoming an important part of your business model. Therefore, protecting these data centres from cyberattacks, physical threats and system failures is critical to data and operations security.

Cadolto Datacenter is a market leader in modular high-tech constructions. Our experts provide innovative solutions to ensure the highest possible data centres security. Cadolto Datacenter enables the fast, efficient and, above all, secure provision of data centre infrastructures tailored precisely to the needs of modern companies. The modular and ready-to-use design enables security in the data centre to be guaranteed right from the start.

Expert tip:

Security measures should be integrated early on in the planning phase of a data centre to reduce risks and help boost efficiency.

Read on to learn the most important core security features of a data centre as a central IT infrastructure. We’ll show you what you need to consider when operating your own data centre or working with a service provider (e.g. colocation). 

Importance of data centre security

Protecting sensitive customer and company data relies on data centre security. In our digital age, when almost every business relies on technology, data centres are the key to a company’s success. A security incident in the data centre can result in data loss, financial losses and irreparable damage to the company’s reputation. Therefore, a comprehensive security strategy is essential.

Cadolto Datacenter understands the importance of data centre security and provides you with solutions. Our products are protected against a variety of physical and virtual threats. Typical threats to data centre security include:

►Burglaries: unauthorised access to data centres, which may result in data theft or corruption.

►Network attacks: hacking and cyber-attacks such as DDoS attacks aimed at overloading network infrastructure.

►Malware and viruses: malicious software that can damage or steal data.

►Internal misuse: harmful conduct by employees or insiders.

►Natural catastrophes: floods, earthquakes, fires and other natural events that can cause physical damage.

►Power cuts: disruptions to the power supply that can result in IT equipment failures and data loss.

►Hardware failures: defects or failures of servers, storage systems or other critical components.

►Data leaks: accidental disclosure of sensitive information through security vulnerabilities.

►Social engineering: manipulative techniques designed to persuade employees to reveal confidential information.

►Compliance violations: failure to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, which may result in legal consequences.

Of course, Cadolto Datacenter products cannot protect you from all threats to data centre security. Nevertheless, our products can make a decisive contribution to reducing or even completely eliminating these threats. For example, you will be protected against power cuts because our modules can be equipped with UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply). You can also use our security systems to prevent unauthorised access by third parties.


Data centre security is vital because it is closely linked to protecting important company data and upholding a company’s reputation. Cadolto Datacenter offers targeted solutions to ensure this protection.

How to secure data centres

Data centre security can be divided into two main components: physical measures and network security measures. Protecting electronic devices and data from physical threats requires physical security measures such as access controls, video surveillance and fire protection systems. And the use of firewalls and anti-malware programs for network security is crucial for data centre security in order to ward off digital threats.

Cadolto Datacenter can seamlessly integrate these components into our modular data centre solutions. They combine strong physical protection measures with modern network technology, to ensure comprehensive data centre security.


  • The main components of physical security are surveillance, access controls and fire protection.
  • The use of firewalls and anti-malware provide network security.
  • Cadolto Datacenter integrates security components into its products if required.

How to handle cyber criminals

Cyberattacks and social engineering are just two of the many threats to data centre security. Cybercriminals circumvent security measures and steal or encrypt sensitive data using sophisticated methods such as ransomware and phishing.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts information on the affected system and demands a ransom for its release. Phishing is a scam in which attackers use fake messages or websites to steal sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details. To counter these threats, data centre security should include regular data backups, powerful antivirus software and employee training so that phishing attempts and suspicious emails can be identified.

Expert tip:

Regular training for employees is also crucial to raising awareness of social engineering and minimising the risk of security breaches.

To provide comprehensive protection, Cadolto Datacenter takes the issues into consideration and integrates preventive security measures into our data centre solutions.

Guaranteeing uptime

In addition to security, high uptime and reliability are crucial for data centres. High uptime refers to the ability of an IT system to use its services and functions as intended at all times. This is critical for business continuity and for reducing downtime.

Expert tip:

Implement backup systems such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and additional network connections to ensure high uptime and avoid outages.

Cadolto Datacenter prioritises high uptime in its modular data centre solutions in order to ensure uninterrupted business continuity.


Cadolto Datacenter has the right answer for you

Cadolto Datacenter offers innovative solutions for data centre security. Our modular data centre solutions not only focus upon data centre security, but also provide the flexibility and scalability essential for modern businesses.

Expert tip:

Choosing a data centre provider that offers both security and scalability is vital for a company’s long-term IT strategy. In addition to data centre security, scalability is really important so that the increasing performance demands on IT systems can be responded to promptly.

Cadolto Datacenter is an expert in modular data centre technology. Our products are known for their high quality, quick availability and efficient operation. This makes them an excellent choice for companies and data centre operators who value the security of their data centres. Cadolto Datacenter stands out as a solution provider by offering innovative, secure and quickly deployable data centre solutions tailored to the needs of modern companies.

Our experts offer a variety of best-practice components designed specifically for the security of your data centre. They are a good investment in the data centre of the future that will pay off in the long term. Our modules guarantee reliable operation and lower maintenance costs. Benefit from our modular, expandable design for flexible adaptability to increasing IT requirements.

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What are the main threats to data centre security?
Data centres are exposed to various physical and virtual threats, including: cyberattacks such as DDoS and malware, burglaries, natural disasters, power cuts, hardware failures, data leaks, internal misuse and compliance violations.
How does Cadolto Datacenter protect modular data centres?
Cadolto Datacenter provides modular data centre solutions equipped with advanced physical and virtual security systems. This enables the prevention of cyberattacks and unauthorised access while simultaneously ensuring high uptime.
How important is data centre uptime?
High uptime in data centres is essential for the continuity of company operations, and includes the constant accessibility of IT services and functions. Cadolto Datacenter guarantees high uptime through backup systems and additional network connections in its products.