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Designing colocation/server housing lucratively

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Designing colocation/server housing lucratively

As digitalisation continues to pick up pace, server housing, also known as colocation, is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. Server housing gives many (large) companies the opportunity to outsource their IT technology and to rent server capacities off-site.

As demand increases, so does the competition for colocation. Competitive pricing structures can only be offered if you are able to keep your own costs low.

Cadolto Datacenter GmbH (CDC) offers advanced solutions that ensure your server housing data centre is one step ahead of the rest.

  • Unrivalled short construction periods. IT ready.
  • Respond flexibly to the market with a modular construction system; do not build more than you can rent.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding unused over-capacities.
  • High energy efficiency enables unrivalled low market prices.
  • Safety standards represent unsurpassed quality.
  • Expansion without construction costs thanks to CDC CAPEX®; simply rent data centres.

Moving away from conventional data centres and towards modular construction systems

Due to the increasing demand for colocation, your data centre needs to be flexible. Increasing interest does not necessarily guarantee it will rise smoothly and continuously. As in other markets, demand can always fluctuate, and you also need to prepare your data centre for this eventuality.

To stay competitive and offer unrivalled prices, your data centre must always operate (energy) efficiently. A sudden increase in demand makes it necessary for you to reorganise things immediately in order to cope with it.

The construction of conventional data centres is thus outdated and definitely not sustainable. If you need to respond swiftly to a sudden increase in demand, it can take several months to plan and implement expansion. By then, potential customers have looked for another provider and taken their business elsewhere.

The modular design of the CDC products CDC microprime and Cadolto Microspace enables you to be up and running within a few months. CDC offerings are installed during ongoing operations of your colocation data centre. The computing capacities of existing customers are not adversely affected by the expansion work.

Flexible expansion of server housing

Future-focused modular designs from CDC offer a further benefit with regard to the operating costs for your data centre: You can reduce maintenance costs by ensuring your data centre is always operating at optimum capacity. Excessively large data centres with unused capacities can cause avoidable investment and ancillary costs.

In turn, these additional costs have a negative impact on your pricing structure and thus on your effective competitiveness. To be successful in the colocation market, you need to be able to make effective use of your resources and adapt them flexibly.

This is where the supremacy of CDC’s modular design is most prominent. Your data centre will only have the capacities it really needs for rack and server housing. As interest increases, you can respond immediately to the growing demand thanks to the modular construction system.

Attractive market prices due to energy efficiency

In addition to the effective modular design, CDC also offers premium-level cooling technologies. These allow for energy efficiencies of below 1.05 PUE!

This is made possible by state-of-the-art adiabatic cooling or direct, free cooling with supporting EX compression cooling. Technologies like these for server hardware air conditioning help to drastically reduce the energy demands of your data centre.

In terms of pricing for server housing, colocation, rack housing and private cages, this technology ensures you are always one step ahead of the rest. Especially in times of high energy price volatility, you will clearly stand out from the crowd if you use CDC’s state-of-the-art technology.

Increasing the quality of services and guaranteeing safety and security

There is, however, more to server housing than the need for effective energy efficiency and resource utilisation, since safety and security also play a key role. Protection against unauthorised access, fire protection and other security systems obviously help to increase the quality of your services. An uninterrupted power supply is also guaranteed with CDC’s technology. Show potential customers that their data is completely safe and secure under your wing.

CDC products are, therefore, only delivered after ensuring they meet the highest safety and security standards. Benefit from the access control system, burglar alarm system and video surveillance that CDC offers with all its products.

F90 internal walls and RC3 external walls only allow authorised persons to access your data centre areas. A fire alarm system for early fire detection and an advanced extinguishing system safeguard data even in extreme cases. All CDC products meet the requirements for TSI 4.0 Level 3 certification and higher standards.

Expansion without construction costs

With the CDC CAPEX® financing model from CDC, not even a new build or the expansion of your existing data centre has to be expensive. In fact, you can rent modules from CDC for just 1,500 euros a month. CDC will then fund the investment in the construction of the CDC microprime and CDC Microspace modules.

Without having to bear any investment costs for the construction or expansion of your data centre, you can offer even more lucrative prices to anyone who is interested. Your customers will be surprised by how much they can reduce their own IT operating costs when they work with you.

Individual advice for customers

Let our experts guide you through the process and find the most efficient solution for your server housing services. Send your enquiry and we will get back to you with a bespoke offer.


How much does server housing cost?
Server housing does not have to cost a lot if the provider utilises the right technology. Modular designs that adapt the size of the data centre to market demands and high energy efficiency can significantly reduce server/rack rental prices.
How much does a server cost annually?
The annual prices for a server can vary greatly with server housing. And good providers do not necessarily have to be expensive if they use the right technology for their data centre. A flexible response to market demands and high energy efficiency help to keep your own costs low.
When does a server make sense?
Servers allow for several people to securely access stored data. This is particularly interesting for companies, although their maintenance costs may be high. Server housing can be the solution in this case.
What is the difference between CDC microprime® and Cadolto Microspace®?
CDC microprime® is the scalable, modular data centre from Cadolto Datacenter GmbH, which meets all the needs of most customers as a single to multi-rack solution. With the standardised benchmark data centre Cadolto Microspace®, between 6 and 24 racks can be installed at an absolute premium level.
What is CDC CAPEX®?
CDC CAPEX® is a business division of Cadolto Datacenter GmbH through which it offers its customers rental data centre products. All of the data centres are extremely energy efficient. Cadolto Datacenter funds the investment in each case.