Housing your server in a data centre: a must for companies?
Serverraum mit Racks.

Is having your own server in a data centre a good idea?


Modern companies can decide to operate their own server in a data centre. If they choose to do so, factors like data security, efficiency and scalability are of critical importance. To meet the growing demands on IT infrastructures, the trend is increasingly moving towards server solutions in external data centres or from service providers.

Cadolto Datacenter takes a closer look at the reasons for operating your own server in a data centre. Does it make sense for you to outsource computing capacity or are you already the operator of a data centre? As an operator, might it even be a good idea to rent out capacity? Our experts will show you how you can create added value through innovative solutions and by operating your own server in a data centre.

5 reasons for operating your own servers in the data centre

Reason 1: Increased performance and reliability

Opting to operate your own server from a data centre comes with numerous advantages, particularly regarding improved performance and reliability. Companies looking to make their digital resources and services more efficient can find an efficient solution by having their own servers. Some providers already offer exclusive system resources that offer high performance without restrictions from other server users.


At Cadolto Datacenter, this approach is complemented by the provision of modular data centres that can be individually adapted to the needs of customers. For companies looking for a reliable infrastructure for their servers, our modular units are a highly efficient, scalable, cost-effective solution.

Expert tip:

When operating customers’ own servers in a data centre, you should ensure you balance hardware performance and network connection. This will ensure optimal operating conditions and high performance.

Reason 2: Security and data protection

A significant advantage of having your own server in a data centre is the guarantee of security and data protection. Companies must demonstrate a secure, controllable IT environment as data becomes increasingly important, particularly due to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Professional data centres advertise higher security standards, which are crucial to companies for safeguarding their data.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a European Union regulation that aims to standardise and improve the protection of personal data across the EU.

Cadolto Datacenter stands out in this field by providing data centres that lead in physical security, energy efficiency and design. The modular data centres offer a flexible, secure environment that can be adapted to the dynamic requirements of IT security.


Having your own server in a data centre offers significant advantages in terms of performance and security. Companies benefit from a secure, reliable, high-performance infrastructure from providers such as Cadolto Datacenter.

Reason 3: scalability and flexibility

The scalability and adaptability of the IT infrastructure are two of the main reasons for choosing to house your server in a data centre. Companies need to be able to respond quickly to market changes and changes to their own operations. Renting server capacity (managed servers – on physical or virtual servers) and outsourcing your servers (server housing) are often alternatives that can enable you to promptly respond to new challenges.

With its modular data centre solutions, Cadolto Datacenter provides an excellent basis for this. By using these solutions, you can quickly and easily scale IT resources to meet the needs of your company. Cadolto Datacenter’s modular design enables needs-based adjustment of the data centre’s capacities. This meets the increasing need for flexible IT solutions in an ever-changing business world.

Expert tip:

Evaluate your company’s IT needs over the long term and opt for a data centre solution that meets both short-term and long-term needs.

Reason 4: Individual configuration

The possibility of individual configuration is another advantage of operating your own server at a data centre. Companies opting to operate their servers from the data centre can configure their IT hardware to meet the specific needs of their applications and services. This results in improved performance, fewer delays and more efficient business operations.

Cadolto Datacenter modules can be fully customised to meet customer needs not only in terms of physical infrastructure, but also in terms of technical configuration. Companies can configure their servers according to their performance requirements and business goals.



A significant advantage of having your own servers in data centres is the ability to improve performance and configure the servers individually. Companies can customise their IT infrastructure to maximise performance and efficiency.

Reason 5: Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency is a key consideration when deciding whether to house your server in a data centre. Companies can considerably reduce operational costs by relocating their IT infrastructure or expanding their IT resources to a professional data centre. Savings can be made on hardware maintenance, energy costs and security measures.

By offering state-of-the-art, energy-efficient data centre solutions, Cadolto Datacenter helps companies optimise their outgoings. These solutions are not only energy efficient but also scalable, and they reduce space requirements, thereby reducing operating costs in the long term. Therefore, operators can offer customers lower prices for using their own servers in their data centres.

Expert tip:

When choosing a data centre provider, you should ensure that they are able to respond quickly to your growing needs and can adapt the infrastructure accordingly. Otherwise, this may limit the operation of your servers in the data centre.

5 reasons for data centre operators to offer server housing

Reason 1: Expand business areas

Data centre operators that offer colocation, server housing or server homing enable you to open up new business areas. By providing space for external servers, they can expand their target market and increase the utilisation of their data centre. Enabling customers to operate their own servers in the data centre can thus increase sales and strengthen the operator’s position.

Operators may also be interested in Cadolto Datacenter’s modular data centre solutions as they offer a flexible, cost-effective way to provide additional server housing capacity.


A significant advantage of operating servers in a data centre is the cost efficiency for the customer. As computing requirements increase, so does the demand for new IT resources. By renting out servers, data centre operators then have more business areas and opportunities to boost sales.

Reason 2: Optimised use of resources

The central focus of server housing is upon optimising the use of resources for data centre operators. By providing space for external servers, operators can make better use of their existing infrastructure and maximise their revenue. This includes more effective energy use, cooling and network infrastructure. Collaboration makes sense for your customers as they will not need these technologies if they decide to operate their own servers in the data centre.

Cadolto Datacenter provides modular data centre solutions that are specifically designed to efficiently use existing resources. This enables data centre operators to manage their capacity flexibly and effectively, increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of the data centre.

Reason 3: Increased security selling point

Another advantage for data centre operators who offer server housing is the ability to implement increased security standards. This is a critical factor for many companies outsourcing their servers, and can be a key selling point for data centre operators.

Operators can offer their customers the highest security standards by using Cadolto Datacenter’s advanced, modular data centres. This includes both physical and network security, which increase customer trust and enhance the reputation of the data centre operator.

Data centre operators who enable customers to house their servers in the data centre benefit from optimising the use of resources and providing higher security standards. Cadolto Datacenter supports this by providing modular, secure data centre solutions.

Reason 4: Flexible range of services

Data centre operators who allow customers to operate their own servers in the data centre can adapt their services to the individual needs of their customers. This can range from basic hosting services to fully managed solutions that include maintenance, support and security management. Here, too, business areas can be expanded and additional services can be sold to customers.

Through its modular data centre solutions, Cadolto Datacenter enables a high level of flexibility in the services it offers. Thanks to this option, data centre operators can offer targeted solutions that meet the individual requirements of their customers and give them a competitive advantage.

Reason 5: Long-term customer retention

By providing server housing and the option for customers to house their own servers in the data centre, operators can build long-term customer relationships. They can gain the trust of their customers and build long-term partnerships by offering reliable, secure, flexible services.

By providing high-tech modular constructions that offer reliability, security and adaptability, Cadolto Datacenter supports long-term relationships between the customers and operator. Thanks to the modules, simple expansion means that customers with their own servers in the data centre can harness additional capacity at any time as necessary.


Data centre operators who offer server housing benefit significantly from a flexible range of services and the opportunity to build long-term customer relationships. Cadolto Datacenter’s modular, customisable data centre solutions provide customers and operators with security as their requirements increase.

The perfect solution from Cadolto Datacenter

Cadolto Datacenter has established itself as a leading provider of modular data centre solutions. Our products combine flexibility, efficiency and the latest technology to meet the needs of different companies. Our experience with modular constructions has allowed us to develop innovative, adaptable, energy-efficient data centres that can be built in record time.

Cadolto Datacenter products, including CDC Microprime, CDC Space and Cadolto Microspace, range from small, scalable units to large, custom-built data centres.

Our company offers a wide range of products and services specifically designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Cadolto Datacenter offers solutions from planning to commissioning that stand out through first-class components, fastest availability and efficient operation. The modular data centres offer a high level of flexibility and efficiency as they are ready for use within 72 hours and can be expanded during ongoing operations.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of operating your own server in a data centre and improving your IT infrastructure? Contact Cadolto Datacenter to learn more about our innovative, modular data centre solutions and how they can be tailored to your needs.

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