Climate control in the data centre - how to do it right!

Climate control in the data centre

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IT-Hardware generates a lot of heat during operation. If the use - and thus the load - becomes greater, the amount of heat radiated also becomes higher. To ensure smooth functioning of the data centre, smooth and uninterrupted air conditioning is needed in the data centre or server room.

Air conditioning in the data centre not only ensures performance-optimised operation of servers, computers and other network components. The choice of cooling technology and the operating parameters also have a significant influence on the ongoing energy costs of the data centre. Cadolto Datacenter (CDC) shows you how to operate your server rooms at optimal temperatures.

Which cooling technology is the right one?

A common cooling method for data centres is direct, free outdoor cooling. In this case, the warm exhaust air from the IT systems is discharged to the outside via the air-conditioning systems, and fresh outside air is fed into the data centre for cooling. This saves the data centre operator several thousand hours of compressor cooling, which results in energy savings of up to 90% compared to classic recirculating air coolers with compressors. Other techniques used in data centres are cooling with water or the use of evaporative cooling. One form of this is the technical implementation in adiabatic cooling. For air conditioning in data centres, adiabatic cooling is significantly more efficient and energy-saving than conventional air cooling. In addition, it is possible to cool indirectly by means of air-to-air heat exchangers without the use of adiabatic processes.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and the local conditions, CDC selects the optimal and most economical solution in close consultation with the customer – of course always with sustainability in mind.

To ensure smooth operation of the IT infrastructure and at the same time achieve the highest possible level of energy efficiency, a supply air temperature of 25 °C to 27 °C is optimal. Here, every degree higher supply air temperature saves between 3% and 5% energy in cooling.

Energy efficiency and climate compatibility

With adiabatic cooling, the air conditioning in the data centre is not only energy-efficient, but also environmentally friendly. Under certain circumstances, compressors with climate-damaging refrigerants with a high GWP value can be completely dispensed with.

CDC’s products focus on direct free cooling, indirect free cooling by means of air-to-air heat exchangers and adiabatic cooling. This not only maintains optimal operating temperatures in the server room. The air conditioning in the data centre is both economical and environmentally friendly due to its energy efficiency.

The efficiency of the entire data centre is perfected by the perfect coordination of the modules of all CDC products. Energy efficiency rates of 1.2 PUE are thus made possible. (For comparison: typical overseas container systems operate above 2.0 PUE!)

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Which temperature in the data centre?
To ensure optimal operation, the temperatures in the data centre should be kept between 25 °C and 27 °C. Depending on the IT systems used, the temperatures can be as high as 32°C according to ASHRAE recommended. TIP: Every additional degree saves money on energy costs.
How is a server room cooled?
The most effective way to cool a server room is direct free cooling, indirect free cooling or adiabatic cooling. It is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Conventional air cooling systems require significantly more energy.
Why do servers need to be cooled?
During operation, IT hardware can become very warm depending on the load. Servers must be cooled to ensure optimal use.

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