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Digitalization and our increasingly digital world have driven demand for efficient, scalable and mobile data centers. In this context, container data centers, also known as mobile data centers, have a key role to play. With their modular structures, they provide greater flexibility and scalability as they can be delivered quickly for immediate use, perfectly meeting the demands of a fast-paced digital landscape.

Essentially, a container data center is a transportable data center. Until recently, highly sensitive data was being housed in sea freight containers. At Cadolto Datacenter, as well as housing data, our containers also meet every requirement in terms of fire prevention, structural design, security and extendibility. After all, it doesn’t really make sense to use something like a sea freight container, generally used for bananas and the like, to store something as valuable as your data.

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The container data centers include every single component normally found in a conventional data center, including servers, storage, cooling, electricity for power and cooling, and networking. The key innovation is how these different components are packaged into a mobile and modular format that, in the case of Cadolto Datacenter at least, comes entirely pre-fabricated and pre-installed.

Modularity is the defining characteristic of a container data center. The concept of a modular data center means that the infrastructure can be scaled effectively as the customer’s data processing requirements shrink or grow. There is no solution in the sector that makes this easier than the CDC Microprime® for Container Data Centers modular system. 

Every module in a container data center can be operated or added independently, enabling the data center’s capacity to be flexibly adapted to the latest requirements.

The mobility of a container data center also brings considerable benefits. It is quick and easy to move the center to a new location. This makes it the ideal solution wherever temporary IT infrastructures are needed, such as at large-scale events, construction sites and disaster areas. They are also an effective option for short-term use during the implementation of permanent installations for data centers. That’s why Cadolto Datacenter container data centers are also available to rent.


One of the main advantages of a container solution or modular data center is the faster realization phase compared with classic data centers. Most of the components come pre-installed, pre-tested and pre-configured. Operations can start more or less immediately as soon as the container arrives. Deliveries from Cadolto Datacenter are “IT-ready”. This significantly reduces the time needed for implementation and means businesses can react more quickly to growing IT needs.

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Despite the many benefits, the decision to use a container data center still requires careful planning to guarantee optimal performance, taking into account such factors as location, energy supply and cooling.  Successfully integrating a container data center into an existing IT landscape requires close collaboration between the IT team and building engineers. Cadolto Datacenter has also developed solutions that require no foundation so that the type of surface at the desired location is irrelevant. 

Container Data Center Solutions are a high-performance solution for the challenges of today’s digital world. Flexible, scalable and mobile. The gap between growing data processing requirements and the limited resources of typical data centers is closed. As with any technology, however, effective use needs careful planning and implementation.

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