Data centres: ready within 72 hours
Standardised production. Customised equipment.

Data centres: ready within 72 hours

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Data centres: ready within 72 hours

We have translated our expertise as the market leader for high-tech modular constructions into an all-in-one solution for IT and telecommunications. With an ideal floor plan, aesthetic appearance and maximum energy efficiency, we provide you with the optimal solution for your project within a maximum of 72 hours.

Scalable Premium System Container.

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CDC Space – the individual, modular data center.

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Modular data centre construction is much more efficient

Building data centres using modules offers numerous benefits over conventional construction methods. A key benefit is the speed of implementation. The modules are prefabricated, enabling data centres to be set up within a very short time. Companies are able to implement new requirements extremely quickly and scale well to meet their needs.

Flexibility is a further benefit. Modular data centres are highly scalable. The buildings and supply infrastructure can be expanded during operations, and the technology can be updated quickly and efficiently. This allows companies to dynamically adapt their IT infrastructure to changing business requirements.

Efficiency is also an important feature of data centre construction. Modular data centres are designed to offer high energy efficiency and are connected to UPS systems in case of emergencies. This optimised energy consumption reduces operating costs and the environmental impact.

The prefabrication of the modules used to construct data centres also offers high quality assurance. The components are manufactured in controlled environments to ensure consistently high product quality. Manufacturing is not dependent on the weather, allowing the prefabricated constructions to be delivered on time.

All of these benefits make modular data centres a future-oriented, sustainable solution for data centre construction. Companies such as Cadolto Datacenter have recognised that the modular construction of data centres offers an efficient, flexible solution to the growing demands on IT infrastructures. With our many years of experience and expertise, we continue to drive development forward and help shape the future of data centre construction.

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Build your data centre with us in just a few hours

Cadolto Datacenter offers a variety of benefits when it comes to building a data centre. One of the most notable benefits is the unique speed of implementation.

Thanks to Cadolto Datacenter’s modular design, an operational, ready-to-use data centre can be provided within a maximum of 72 hours after ordering. This is a revolutionary time span compared to conventional data centre construction methods, which often take weeks or months to be finished.

By building a data centre, you will be able to respond extremely quickly to changing business requirements and gain an enormous competitive advantage in this fast-moving digital world.

In addition to this impressive speed, Cadolto Datacenter offers other significant benefits including:
Cadolto Datacenter’s modules are designed to be expanded during operation. This enables high flexibility and scalability to keep pace with the growing needs of the business.
Cadolto Datacenter places great emphasis on energy efficiency, with an overall PUE (Power Use Effectiveness) of 1.25 to 1.05 (depending on operating parameters).
prefabricated modules guarantee consistent quality; manufacturing is not dependent upon the weather, allowing the prefabricated constructions to be delivered on time and economically.
By perfectly combining these benefits, Cadolto Datacenter enables you to expand and adapt your company’s data centre infrastructure quickly, efficiently and flexibly – a powerful solution for building a data centre geared to the modern business world.