Modular micro data centre
Standardized production. Customized equipment.

Modular micro data centre

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Cadolto Microspace - The data center of the future. For rent. For purchase.

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Cadolto Microspace

Standardized production. Individual equipment.

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Scalable Premium System Container.

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CDC Space – the individual, modular data center.

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Why should you opt for a micro data centre?

There are several key benefits to having your own micro data centre.
1. Control
companies that operate their own micro data centre have full control over their IT infrastructure. They can manage and customise their systems and data to their needs and specifications.
2. Data protection
self-operated data centres enable greater control over data protection compared to cloud or shared hosting solutions. All data is kept in-house, which is a great advantage, especially when sensitive information is involved.
3. Performance and reliability
a dedicated data centre can be tailored to a company’s specific performance requirements. Additional resources can be added to increase performance, if required. Downtime is also easier to manage because the company has direct influence on the IT infrastructure.
4. Cost-effective
despite the initial costs, companies can save money in the long term by running their own micro or mini data centre, especially if they need to process and store a large amount of data. Cadolto Datacenter offers solutions that can be purchased outright or rented on a monthly basis.
5. Future proof
having your own micro data centre enables you to take company growth and technological developments into account, and to scale your IT infrastructure accordingly. Cadolto Datacenter’s modular construction enables you to flexibly expand your data centre at any time.

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We have the right product for you

Cadolto Datacenter offers a range of high-tech modules that can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Our experts can provide you with comprehensive advice on finding the best solution for your needs. Our modules offer you a range of benefits:
1. Availability
Cadolto Datacenter provides ready-to-use solutions within 72 hours of ordering, thereby enabling you to quickly implement your IT projects.
2. Expandability
Cadolto Datacenter’s constructions and supply infrastructure are modular and can thus be expanded during ongoing operations. This offers you high flexibility and scalability to promptly respond to growing business requirements.
3. Efficiency
Cadolto Datacenter products boast high energy efficiency, with an overall PUE (Power Use Effectiveness) of 1.25 to 1.05 (depending on operating parameters). This reduces energy costs and improves the sustainability of your micro data centre.
4. Prefabrication
Cadolto uses best-practice components and manufactures products in its factory on time and economically whatever the weather. This reduces construction time and building-associated difficulties.