Modular outdoor data centres
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Outdoor data centre in modular design

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Modular outdoor data centres

Perfect for your outdoor data centre: We have translated our expertise as the market leader for high-tech modular constructions into an all-in-one solution for IT and telecommunications. With an ideal floor plan, aesthetic appearance and maximum energy efficiency, we offer you the optimal solution for your project.
Four categories, one message: modular, robust and ready to use.

Scalable Premium System Container.

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CDC Space – the individual, modular data center.

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Why opt for an outdoor data centre?

An outdoor data centre offers a range of benefits provided it fulfils specific criteria. It must be robust, secure, reliable and efficient. Due to its outdoor location, it must withstand all weather conditions, making high-quality and resistant construction essential. Security measures against physical threats such as burglary and vandalism are also a must.

Provided the outdoor space allows, outdoor data centres also offer a high level of scalability. They can be expanded or scaled back easily, quickly and efficiently, in line with the company’s IT requirements. As Cadolto Datacenter’s outdoor data centres are modular and pre-fabricated, they can also be deployed more quickly than conventional data centres.

Energy efficiency is another key factor. An outdoor data centre should be designed to achieve optimal energy efficiency, to reduce operating costs and to minimise environmental impact.

Cadolto Datacenter offers state-of-the-art solutions for outdoor data centres, drawing upon many years of experience and extensive expertise. Our prefabricated high-tech modules meet all of these requirements and also offer you enormous added value.

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