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Optimising costs for your own data centre

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Optimising costs for your own data centre

How much a data centre costs depends on several factors. Besides the cost of construction, maintenance costs also need to be taken into account, in particular. And operating costs can skyrocket, especially if energy costs also rise sharply.

It is therefore important to work with state-of-the-art technology that can deliver maximum performance in an energy-efficient manner. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH offers high-tech solutions that will significantly reduce the operating costs for your data centre.

By utilising state-of-the-art technology, data centres from CDC achieve a PUE value of well below 1.2. Customers who choose a data centre from CDC will be thrilled with their choice. Design, functionality and the wide-ranging equipment blend perfectly with exemplary energy efficiency and performance.

  • Construction costs for a conventional data centre from other providers are unnecessarily high.
  • Thanks to CDC’s modular construction system, major construction work is not required
  • Operating costs are reduced due to high-tech and energy-efficient solutions.
  • Standard operation of Cadolto products usually at below 1.05 PUE, max. 1.2 PUE, depending on the configuration and utilisation.
  • CDC products offer excellent value for money.
  • CDC CAPEX® modules can be rented and CDC bears the investment costs.

Modular construction system: Saving costs with an energy-efficient data centre

Before constructing a new data centre, long-term costs are calculated. This is actually the first source of error that can make later operation significantly more expensive – the current cost of energy is a prime example.

Long-term planning assumes future growth, and, in this case, decision-makers usually opt for a larger solution. What you need to consider is that just one square metre can cost tens of thousands of euros for a data centre. The construction costs for a data centre will then obviously be much higher, but they are not the only problem.

The central, characteristic fault why a data centre results in such high costs is the size of the building. In view of the growing demand for computing capacity, many companies decide to construct data centres with additional space that is not (yet) used as a server site.

At first glance, this might sound like a good way to save money in the future, since there is more space for racks and server technology. But unused space also results in significantly higher costs. These building sections also need to be air conditioned and supplied with energy without being put to any purposeful use – regardless of the investment costs.

High-tech solutions and modules reduce operating costs enormously

Operating an oversized data centre results in completely unnecessary costs. Thanks to the exemplary modular design of CDC’s products, you can now reduce investment costs and operating costs enormously.

Expand your data centre only when you really need increased server capacity and more space. Only use the floor space you really need at this moment in time to fulfil your individual requirements. Reduce the costs for your data centre by working with energy-efficient high-end technology. Products such as CDC microprime® and Cadolto Microspace® make this possible.

A role model in terms of energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction

To achieve such an exceptional PUE value, CDC relies, above all, on a premium level cooling system.

The high-quality data centres from CDC use either indirect adiabatic cooling or direct free cooling with supporting EX compression cooling.

This state-of-the-art technology combined with the building design of the CDC products helps to achieve an excellent PUE value, which as a rule falls well below 1.05! At the same time, the decreasing energy demand ensures the data centre costs less and boasts a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

If you own a data centre that uses older (cooling) technology, it also makes sense to think about modernising it. CDC can provide the ideal technologies to massively reduce costs for your data centre.

Making optimum use of floor space

It is not necessarily true that construction of a data centre has to cost a lot. CDC therefore offers bespoke solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. The modular design of CDC’s products means that your IT infrastructures are always the perfect size.

No space remains unused, and you have the flexibility to expand using another CDC modular data centre, if required. Traditional building methods where each square metre of a data centre costs tens of thousands of euros have given way to a modular construction system.

Leading the way on cutting data centre costs

The price-performance ratio for a conventional container data centre can be quite good. However, these containers from other providers offer nowhere near the level of flexibility and energy efficiency provided by Cadolto Datacenter GmbH (CDC) products.

Products such as CDC microprime® are available from 100,000 euros per extension. The costs for a data centre system from CDC microprime® may be lowered proportionally to the number of units ordered.

The high-quality module Cadolto Microspace® is available from 220,000 euros.

If you want, Cadolto Datacenter GmbH will also take care of the financing if you choose CDC CAPEX®. CDC offers both module systems as a rental option and will set up the systems for you.

CDC microprime® is available for as little as 1,500 euros a month. The high-tech system Cadolto Microspace® is available from 4,000 euros a month. CDC product solutions can be installed while your data centre is in operation. There are absolutely no restrictions for you during the installation period.

As you can see, CDC offers a number of solutions to reduce the costs of your data centre. Get in touch with our experts for advice. Send your enquiry and we will get back to you with a bespoke offer.


How much does a data centre cost?
A data centre can cost several million euros to construct, since in addition to the server technology, you also need a well air-conditioned building. However, having your own data centre does not have to be expensive, as you also have the opportunity to rent data centres.
Who constructs data centres?
Conventionally built data centres are increasingly being replaced by much more flexible and energy-efficient modular construction systems. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH is a leader in this segment and offers energy-efficient modules with a PUE value of below 1.05. At today's energy prices, it provides you with an unbeatable advantage.
What is the difference between CDC microprime® and Cadolto Microspace®?
CDC microprime® is the scalable, modular data centre from Cadolto Datacenter GmbH, which meets all the needs of most customers as a single to multi-rack solution. With the standardised benchmark data centre Cadolto Microspace®, between 6 and 24 racks can be installed at an absolute premium level.
What is CDC CAPEX®?
CDC CAPEX® is a business division of Cadolto Datacenter GmbH through which it offers its customers rental data centre products. All of the data centres are extremely energy efficient. Cadolto Datacenter funds the investment in each case.