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Planning a data centre

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Planning a data centre - things to consider

Planning a data centre covers a wide range of factors that need to be considered in the design. A data centre’s sustainability in terms of energy efficiency and the simultaneous availability of new capacities is an aspect of elementary importance. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH offers you a symbiosis of both.

Determining the requirements

The basic parameters for planning the data centre must be defined first. In doing so, it is necessary, with the help of Cadolto Datacenter, to clarify which requirements the new data centre has to meet.

The objectives should be based on the following key data: Energy efficiency, availability, costing and period of construction, technologies used, infrastructure and on-time turnkey delivery (IT ready).

It should also be noted that by investing in a Cadolto data centre, you save significantly more electricity than with alternative solutions due to its outstanding energy efficiency.

If you plan a Cadolto data centre in the near future, you will be able to reduce the scale of the investment in the medium term through lower energy costs.

Energy efficiency as a guiding principle

Climate change highlights the importance of investing in sustainable technologies. A data centre obviously requires energy. Lots of energy. However, relevant tweaks and changes can be made.

When planning a data centre, it is essential to focus on the most effective and efficient energy management.

Modular Cadolto data centres are a sure way to achieve this. They are designed to deliver maximum performance while consuming the lowest amount of energy with a small footprint design. Further, continually expanding your IT infrastructure within an energy-efficient system, such as a secure building, is of immeasurable value to your company. This is the reason why these data centres can be flexibly expanded, if required.

Cadolto data centres can, therefore, be expanded without interfering with ongoing operations. The availability of new capacities is one of the elementary advantages of this type of data centre.

Since introduction of the European Green Deal in December 2019, data centres need to become carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest. As such, data centre planning goes hand in hand with the planning of your company’s future. In this respect, the PUE value (power usage effectiveness) plays a decisive role.

The PUE value determines the efficiency with which energy is used in a data centre. A good PUE value below the minimum value of 1.3 is a clear indication of a data centre’s positive energy footprint. Modular system containers from Cadolto Datacenter GmbH usually have a PUE value below 1.10.

The 2030 deadline for data centres can, therefore, be seen as an opportunity to build your reputation as an environmentally conscious business. A branding strategy that appeals to a lot of potential customers and saves you money. Something that has never been more important than today.

Data centre: Planning performance

A company inevitably questions the capacity and efficiency of its IT structures. And it is definitely worth your while to seek out appropriate advice from the experts at Cadolto Datacenter. Since the data centre not only has to perform the task it was designed for but also complete it in a cost-efficient manner.

The modular construction system is the ideal solution for a number of reasons. First of all, its capacities can be individually expanded during ongoing operations. This enables you to not only optimise performance but to also make better use of the energy available.

You bring your project to life faster than with any other construction technique. There are no trades on site. The data centre is delivered prefabricated and IT ready.

Moreover, with these modular buildings it is possible to flexibly expand the availability of capacity as and when it is needed. This is extremely handy. For example, if your company needs to improve its IT performance, it can do so quickly and easily due to the fast level of availability.

The corresponding data centre infrastructure makes this possible. Cadolto Datacenter places the highest value on flexibility, thereby enabling the rapid implementation of individual requirements.

Costing and period of construction

When planning the data centre, it is imperative to pay attention to costs and the period of construction. Both of these factors need to be defined exactly at the start of planning together with the manufacturer. It makes sense to choose a construction technique that is tailored precisely to your needs.

A modular system container is an excellent solution in this case. The synergistic interplay of building and IT infrastructure comes to the fore here.

The construction or rental costs for the data centre are extremely lucrative when you consider its high level of energy efficiency. Moreover, only a few months, sometimes just weeks, pass until delivery of the turnkey product.

Technology and infrastructure

In terms of technology and infrastructure, your individual requirements and needs are our top priority. This applies, in particular, to the technology used and the infrastructure of your data centre. This is where several variables come together.

Positive energy efficiency and high performance are definitely not contradictions in terms. Both points complement each other perfectly when the planning of a data centre is spot on.

The modular design of Cadolto Datacenter system containers and their respective building massing offer an array of advantages, enabling you to plan a data centre precisely according to your individual needs and wants.

Thanks to the compact construction techniques with a high level of design detail, you save more than just energy. You also benefit from taking up as little space as possible.  The management and use of energy could not be better.

Sustainability should always play a leading role when planning a data centre. If you work together with a manufacturer who offers energy-efficient, renowned and at the same time high-performance products at favourable prices, you are on the safe side. This is particularly important in terms of the European Green Deal.

It is also important to give a thought to the growth of your company when planning the data centre. And should you need more capacity at some stage, your server room can still be easily expanded.

Thanks to the intelligent design of the system containers, new capacities can be developed and individually expanded during ongoing operations.

The aspects listed above illustrate the relevance of a well-conceived planning process for your data centre. Always ask yourself what requirements need to be met.

Always ensure that your objectives can be achieved in the best possible way. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH is in this case your first point of contact.

Thanks to its highly-customisable technology, Cadolto Datacenter is able to offer a product that can be easily modified to meet your specific needs. Planning a data centre has never been easier. Customisable and variable. Energy efficient and effective.


What is a PUE value?
PUE stands for power usage effectiveness. The value indicates the energy efficiency of data centres. The PUE value is determined by dividing the total amount of power entering a data centre by the power used to run the IT equipment within it.
Why a data centre?
A data centre is essential for fast and efficient data processing within companies. The demands placed on IT are increasing in the age of digitalisation. A data centre is indispensable to accomplishing these tasks.