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Owning a server facility does not have to be an expensive investment: Simply rent a data centre

Energy crisis, digitalisation, big data, increasing accessibility to online resources, cloud services, internal communication processes, the growing popularity of working from home – there are so many reasons why your company needs greater computing power. Owning your own data centre can, depending on its equipment, be a very expensive investment; especially if it has to be built from scratch.

The construction of a new data centre is a good investment in the future of your company, but a lack of budget is often a barrier to a project’s success. Cadolto Datacenter GmbH might just have come up with the ideal solution: “CDC CAPEX – we, not you, invest in your data centre”: Why not simply rent the best data centre and install it on your premises or wherever it is needed? Delivered fully prefabricated. IT ready. With a layout that meets your exact requirements.

Always stay up to date with Cadolto Datacenter. We only work with leading manufacturers of data centre components. Our products are TÜV-certified and verified according to European standard DIN EN 50600. And we can also implement redundancy classes N, N+1 and 2N without any problems.

  • Cadolto Datacenter invests, not you.
  • With our modular construction system, you always have an on-site data centre at the leading edge of technology.
  • Our data centres can be expanded without interfering with ongoing operations.
  • Our data centres offer optimum energy efficiency, ideal building massing for operation and the best available components from leading manufacturers.
  • An on-site data centre is more secure than a facility owned by a colocation provider: Your data remains with you.
  • Cadolto data centres meet the highest air conditioning and fire protection standards.
  • Delivered IT ready in just three months.
  • All services from just one provider, at a fixed price.

Let others invest in your data centre

Needless to say, you can also rent parts of or an entire data centre. This is either a standardised data centre in a (sea freight) container design or a co-location solution. Your own data centre where you want it, designed to meet your individual needs. Cadolto Datacenter is the market leader in the field of high-end modular data centres and takes care of the whole design, planning and construction process. You can also rent the data centre, something that requires no investment from you at all. A very attractive option, not only as an interim solution and due to rising interest rates. And you keep up to date with technical developments at all times.

Energy and cost efficiency thanks to a modular design

The modular design of your own new data centre offers numerous advantages. When planning a new data centre, things can quickly get out of hand and exceed your current IT needs. It also needs to meet your future requirements and provide sufficient space for IT hardware. And when plans go over and above your requirements, it is neither cost nor energy efficient, and certainly not climate friendly.

Thanks to the modular design, the size of the data centre always corresponds to your current needs and can adapt and grow with your company. Renting a Cadolto data centre is not only energy and cost efficient, but it also facilitates future expansion. Our modular construction system allows you to expand your own data centre with additional modules without interfering with ongoing operations. All the modules can be individually adapted to your needs and assembled accordingly.


Better to rent your own data centre than to lose control of your data

With the ever-increasing volume of data and demands for greater computing power, you sometimes have no choice but to expand your IT infrastructure. If the cost-efficient solution of renting your own data centre were not available, you would have to build your own data centre or rent servers from another company at some remote site. Outsourcing data via a co-location service can also be inexpensive, but can open up security risks and, by its very nature, cause access barriers, as your data is located off-site. You are, to a certain extent, giving away control of your data processing system.

Therefore, the highest level of security must be guaranteed. When renting a data centre from Cadolto Datacenter, you can adapt the equipment to your needs and decide who has access and who does not thanks to access control. Video surveillance, a burglar alarm system, RC3 walls, all this and more is covered by the Cadolto Datacenter security offerings. If you outsource your data centre to external companies, you have to trust that the provider will guarantee you the same security standards; and remember, you will be sharing the data centre with other users.

Highest level of air-conditioning technology and fire protection

When you rent your own on-site data centre, you always have the last word on the fitted air-conditioning and fire protection systems. It has to be ensured at all times that foreign substances, such as water, do not enter the server room.

When renting a data centre from Cadolto Datacenter, it is not only equipped with a cutting-edge and energy-efficient air-conditioning system. The delivered fire protection system is also extremely effective, making the use of water completely unnecessary. Moreover, the modular design of the data centre allows for the oxygen supply to be sectionally sealed off, if required. This means there is as little damage as possible to the computer hardware in the event of a fire.

Our buildings are totally compliant with all of today’s safety and security standards: Redundancy of all systems (incl. adequate data safeguards, security of supply, redundant storage systems) and a physical intruder deterrent system, etc.

Renting a data centre is inexpensive

With “CDC CAPEX – we, not you, invest in your data centre”, Cadolto Datacenter combines performance and energy efficiency at an unrivalled price from the first day of operation. Rent the microprime® system module from as little as 1,500 euros a month, and the microspace® module from 4,000 euros a month. It takes just a few months to set up your own server facility when renting a Cadolto data centre. But you start saving money from day one.

Invest today, profit tomorrow

If you are still tempted to invest in the construction of your own data centre, now is the right time. High inflation, rising interest rates and skyrocketing energy prices are creating additional, unnecessary costs every day. All Cadolto Datacenter products are much more energy efficient than those of our competitors. You can significantly reduce your energy expenditure through a short-term investment and recover the costs of data centre construction in a timely manner. And in the future, you will save a whole lot more thanks to greater efficiency!

After sending an enquiry, get in touch with our experts for advice on the best solution to meet your needs.


How much does a data centre cost?
A data centre can cost several million euros to construct, since in addition to the server technology, you also need a well air-conditioned building. However, having your own data centre does not have to be expensive, as you also have the opportunity to rent a new build.
What is the difference between a data centre and a server farm?
The term "data centre" is a synonym for server farm. Both describe the facility and the building in which IT technology and an air-conditioning system are housed. To boost efficiency, many data centres are now built using a modular construction system.
What is the difference between CDC microprime® and Cadolto Microspace®?
CDC microprime® is the scalable, modular data centre from Cadolto Datacenter GmbH, which meets all the needs of most customers as a single to multi-rack solution. With the standardised benchmark data centre Cadolto Microspace®, between 6 and 24 racks can be installed at an absolute premium level.
What is CDC CAPEX®?
CDC CAPEX® is a business division of Cadolto Datacenter GmbH through which it offers its customers rental data centre products. All of the data centres are extremely energy efficient. Cadolto Datacenter funds the investment in each case.
Are there any subsidies available for my Cadolto data centre?
As Cadolto data centres are characterised by a very high level of energy efficiency, they are eligible for subsidies of up to 40% from the German federal support programme "Energy Efficiency in Business and Industry"; depending on their location, relevant federal state and the actual specifics of the building. The funding institute that works with Cadolto Datacenter can provide further details.
Are subsidies also available for rental data centres?
Rental data centres cannot be subsidised through support programmes such as the German federal support programme "Energy Efficiency in Business and Industry". However, providers such as Cadolto Datacenter offer rental data centres for as little as 1,500 euros a month, and the associated energy savings far outweigh any subsidy provided.