Seven reasons to outsource servers
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Seven reasons why you should outsource your servers

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In our increasingly digitalised world, entrepreneurs are constantly facing the challenge of designing their IT infrastructures to be efficient, secure and cost-effective. Although self-management of servers and data centres has long been considered common practice, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are many benefits to outsourcing these important components to specialised service providers.

Cadolto Datacenter helps companies overcome these challenges. In this article, our experts outline seven reasons why you should outsource your servers. We will also highlight what you need to bear in mind when outsourcing.

Learn how your business can benefit from the prudent decision to outsource your servers – from significant cost savings to enhanced security measures to supportive, innovative technologies such as edge computing.

Reason 1: lower costs and increased efficiency

Outsourcing servers to external service providers often saves you money and boosts efficiency. The biggest benefit is clearly the expense saved from running your own data centre. Not outsourcing your servers means you will often have to make large investments in hardware, buildings and infrastructure to set up your own data centre. After outsourcing servers to a colocation centre, companies only pay for the resources and services they actually use. In many cases, this means that financial resources can be used much more efficiently.

Not only is there a reduction in capital costs, but also significant operational savings, including on expenses for electricity, cooling and maintenance. The ability to flexibly adjust the required capacity is another factor that enables you to only pay for the performance that you actually require.

Expert tip:

When comparing providers, you should not only consider the short-term costs, but also the long-term benefits. Often, outsourcing servers is not even necessary, as implementing an efficient, scalable IT infrastructure within your company can also help to reduce costs. One example of this is Cadolto Datacenter’s modular construction design, which can also massively reduce costs through its flexibility and scalability to current IT capacity requirements. It also offers a highly efficient PUE rating of 1.2.

What is the PUE rating?

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a measure of data centres’ energy efficiency. It is calculated by dividing the total energy consumption of the data centre by the energy consumption of the IT devices. A lower PUE rating means higher energy efficiency.


Server outsourcing can provide significant cost and efficiency benefits, particularly through savings made from the initial investment and ongoing operating costs. By using modular, energy-efficient data centre solutions, Cadolto Datacenter optimises these key advantages so that you can operate your own data centre flexibly and economically.

Reason 2: scalability and flexibility

In today’s dynamic business world, IT infrastructures must be robust, reliable and able to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing requirements.

This applies to you if you manage your own hardware and to your service provider, if you opt for a colocation facility. If it is not flexible, it cannot respond to your increasing demands. If no extra capacity is available, then you will not be able to rent the extra space and, therefore, will not be able to react when demand increases. Therefore, you have to be very careful when deciding to outsource your servers!

Cadolto’s data centres can be scaled to almost any size thanks to their modular design. Companies can expand or reduce their IT infrastructure as needed without investing in additional capacity or reaching limits as demand increases. This adaptability is a decisive competitive advantage as it enables quick reactions to market changes or the opening up of new business opportunities.

Any service providers offering server outsourcing capacity can also make use of these advantages. If they only have one large data centre, the capacity there will eventually be exhausted. However, if they use a modular design like Cadolto Datacenter’s, they can respond quickly to your needs at any time and expand their own server capacities. With this in mind, you can probably start identifying whether a provider may be suitable for you to outsource to.

Location is another aspect of flexibility. Companies can move their data processing closer to where the action takes place, as Cadolto’s modular units can also be used flexibly in terms of location. Outsourcing service providers who offer a modular construction often have several data centres distributed geographically. This often has its advantages, particularly for edge computing applications.

What is edge computing?

Edge computing processes and stores data decentrally and closer to data sources such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices and sensors. This reduces latency and enables faster data processing and analysis, which is particularly beneficial for real-time and reactive scenarios.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other objects with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Expert tip:

Regularly review your IT requirements and plan flexibly. The ability to expand quickly protects you from unforeseen difficulties and allows you to seize opportunities as they arise.


The scalability and flexibility achieved by outsourcing servers are critical to business agility and competitiveness. Products from Cadolto Datacenter provide an excellent basis for meeting these requirements.

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Reason 3: focus upon your core competencies

Outsourcing servers to an external service provider allows companies to concentrate more on their core competencies. In a world where technology is becoming increasingly complex and specialised, effectively managing an IT infrastructure is a challenge that requires a high level of expertise and ongoing training of staff. This can be particularly difficult to overcome for many companies – particularly small and medium-sized businesses

What exactly are core competencies?

Core competencies are the skills and strengths of a company that set it apart from its competitors and give it a decisive competitive advantage.

By outsourcing server infrastructure to external specialists, companies can relieve themselves of the technical aspects of IT management and free up resources that can be better invested in the development of their core business. This results in more effective use of internal resources and allows you to focus on strategic goals instead of having to deal with operational IT issues.

Expert tip:

Work out where outside expertise can support your internal processes and increase overall efficiency. One strategic decision could be to work with a specialised partner to manage your server infrastructure.


Companies can concentrate on their core competencies if they outsource their servers, handing over operational IT tasks to specialised service providers. This can improve efficiency while fostering strategic growth of the organisation as it allows resources to be used differently.

Reason 4: improved security and reliability

Ensuring the security of data and the reliability of IT infrastructure is of utmost importance for every company. Demands on the physical security and reliability of data centres are multiplying due to ever-increasing cyber threats. Outsourcing servers to a specialised service provider may help you deal with these problems effectively – but only if you choose the right service provider.

A good service provider can protect and keep the hosted IT infrastructure and technologies available with specialised security procedures, including comprehensive physical security measures, advanced fire protection systems, redundant power supplies, data connections and state-of-the-art cooling systems. These measures are intended to reduce risks and ensure continuous operational readiness.

Expert tip:

To ensure that your data centre service provider’s security protocols and compliance standards meet the latest best practices and regulatory requirements, you should review them regularly. Your service provider should have no problem granting you access to your IT hardware if you outsource your servers to them.


Outsourcing servers to a service provider can significantly increase the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure by providing access to expertise and modern technologies. However, you must carefully consider the service provider before outsourcing your servers to them.

Reason 5: prompt availability of new IT infrastructures

Being able to rapidly deploy new IT capabilities is critical in today’s fast-paced business world. Being able to quickly implement new IT infrastructures and quickly expand existing systems can be vital for taking advantage of new business opportunities or reacting to market changes. In this context, outsourcing your servers may be particularly beneficia, especially if you work with a service provider who specialises in rapid provision and modular data centre designs.

Cadolto Datacenter’s modular data centre solutions are pre-configured, making them rapidly deployable. These modules are pre-equipped at the factory with all the necessary IT components such as servers, storage systems, network infrastructure and security systems. The time from planning to initial operation is significantly shortened as they are ready for use within a very short time after delivery.

Experts recommend always installing IT projects in a buffer in case of unforeseen delays. However, choosing a service provider that guarantees rapid deployment can help minimise this risk and keep project schedules on track.


Rapid provision of new capacity is highly important when outsourcing your server. Service providers that use modular constructions can quickly create and supply extra capacity.

Reason 6: access to modern technology

One of the big advantages of server outsourcing is the access to new technology offered by reputable service providers. New technologies can considerably improve the performance, security and efficiency of IT hardware. However, for most companies, keeping up with this rapid development and constantly investing in the latest hardware and software is challenging.

By working with an expert service provider and outsourcing servers to them, companies can benefit from innovative technologies without having to make large investments. Customers of colocation operators can take advantage of the latest server, storage and networking solutions optimised for maximum performance and efficiency.

Expert tip:

Stay up to date with the latest technological advances in your field, and regularly discuss upgrades and innovations that could advance your business with your service provider.


Some companies choose to outsource servers to a specialised provider to gain access to the latest technologies and systems without constantly investing in new hardware and software.

Reason 7: use edge computing efficiently by outsourcing servers

Support for edge computing, an increasingly important technology, is a key consideration when exploring whether to outsource your servers. Edge computing brings data processing closer to where the data is generated, reducing latency and making network applications more efficient. This is particularly crucial for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, real-time analytics and mobile applications, as these all require fast response times.

Cadolto Datacenter’s modular data centre solutions offer the perfect conditions for edge computing. The rapidly deployable modules can be placed close to data sources to increase bandwidth efficiency and reduce latency. Companies can take full advantage of edge computing without having to build the necessary infrastructure themselves in the form of large data centres.

Server outsourcing service providers do not have to be tied to building a single central data centre; they can bring their capacities closer to the sources of data generation – as with edge computing – with modules from Cadolto Datacenter.

Expert tip:

You should consider the geographical distribution of your data sources and users when planning your IT strategy. In many situations, edge computing can improve performance and save you money.


Companies that rely on low latency and high network efficiency should use a network more suited to edge computing. Cadolto Datacenter’s modular solutions enable edge computing strategies to be implemented effectively.

Always find the perfect partner

Outsourcing servers to specialised service providers can be a strategic solution for companies that wish to expand their IT infrastructure and save money. However, this does not just make economic sense, it also ensures access to the latest technologies and increases the scalability and flexibility of IT systems.

Companies can use their resources more effectively and focus upon innovating and growing their core business. The often improved security and reliability of professional data centres contribute to operational security.

Generally speaking, server outsourcing can be a smart decision that allows businesses to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, it must be carefully considered and a suitable service provider must be found. Outsourcing also involves risks, hence the need for a reputable service provider.

Due to these risks, it may make sense to operate your own data centre – this is often the better choice, especially for large companies. This is where Cadolto Datacenter comes in: if you are operating your own data centre, the scalable modular designs from the company can help you consistently adapt capacities precisely to your requirements – so you can make enormous savings here, too.

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